Photo Winners 2022

Wildlife Category

1st – Connie Welch
“Spring Training”

2nd – Bill Knarr
“Great Blue Heron Preening”

3rd – Casey Fredette

Plant Category

1st – Cathy Hickman
“Vivid Iris”

2nd – Stacy Dunn
“Field of Dreams”

3rd – Nicole Weedon
“Reach for the Sky”

Landscape Category

1st – Julie Jacobsen
“October Sunrise”

2nd – Tracy Colson
“Vanishing Florida”

3rd – Rosemary Regan
“Looking Through The Palm”

Refuge Category

1st – Tracy Colson
“No Moor”

2nd – Sara Sarnoski
“Rush Hour in Hunter Springs”

3rd – Andrew Hansen
“A Day in the Sun”

Concerns Category

1st – Tracy Colson
“Wildlife Snare”

2nd – Stacy Dunn
“Living with Wildlife”

Wildlife Category – Youth

1st – Joshua Rubin
“Fresh Catch”

2nd – Hailey Coleman
“Searching for Breakfast”

3rd – Cora Duncan
“Owl at Dusk”

Plant Category – Youth

1st – Hailey Coleman
“Worm Eye View”

2nd – Gracie Wilkins
“Hawaiian Boy”

Landscape Category – Youth

1st – Gracie Wilkins
“Overlooking Rainbow Springs”

2nd – Hailey Coleman
“Morning on Lake Henderson”

3rd – Taylor Barry
“Path of Oyster Shells”

Concerns Category – Youth

1st – Hailey Coleman
“Acknowledging the Problem”